We are sure that you are needing a high quality authorized and sworn translation service for your personal documents such as birth certificate, certificate, academic transcript, student report, marriage certificate for those planning to pursue their studies abroad or processing their travelling documents as well as agreements, deed of company establishment, notarial deeds for those engaged in global business .

Our translators' signatures and seals have been registered with the U.S., British and Australian Embassies, so it will facilitate the validation of your translated documents by the embassies. .

The documents to be translated (source documents) can be sent by email, faxed or mailed by postal services to us. The translated documents will be delivered to you by courier service as per your preference. The translation fee can be transferred to our bank account as soon as you receive the translated documents or in advance as per our agreement .

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(+62-21) 850-3027, 7015-5110, (62) 0812-999-3250

email : info@terjemahan-tersumpah.com


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Jl. Pramuka Raya No. 54 Jakarta Timur , Indonesia 13140

Translator's License : Jakarta Governor Decree of No. 2238 of 2004